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At Bellaria restaurant we do not serve just seafood

We are always looking towards the future to innovate with passion

Bellaria restaurant was born in Almenno San Salvatore in 1963, thanks to Vincenzo Ciampone, from Molise, who, when he was young, had worked in many bars and hotels; after marrying, he started his own business with his wife, by opening a restaurant specialized in seafood.

The name of this restaurant has a very particular origin, related to the fact that in the area where the restaurant was first placed, near 5 vie street, in Almenno San Salvatore (Bg), San Martino valley and Imagna valley intersect. Here the winds coming from the two valleys cross, so it was not unusual to hear the local inhabitants saying “Madona che bell’aria”, a dialectal exclamation meaning “Oh my god, what a nice refreshing air!”; this is why the restaurant is called “Bellaria” (nice air).

In 1983 Bellaria restaurant was moved to the current location and it is now managed by Monica, Vincenzo’s daughter, and by her husband Ruggiero, who is responsible for the cooking.

Bellaria restaurant: fresh seafood and innovation

“Our restaurant is well-known for our seafood specialized cooking - says Ruggiero - and during these years we managed to remove all the frozen fish from our dishes and we dedicated ourselves to looking for better row materials. Nowadays we can claim that the 99,9 % of the fish we serve is fresh and, as far as possible, just fished”. For this reason, we may not prepare or serve the dish containing a given fish if this is unavailable on the market. We work with full transparency and with great respect for our customers.

Ruggiero and Monica’s cooking is an evolving one, because they are always innovating with great passion not only their enogastronomic proposal, but also their cooking techniques, that are everyday more and more avant-garde.

First, they have included ground dishes too in their menu, by introducing not only meat and vegetables dishes, but also particular cold cuts selections, high quality extra virgin oils and wines. Secondly, they made some changes in their methods of cooking. The seafood is carefully prepared, through steam cooking or low-temperature cooking, totally respecting the fresh raw materials and in order to make their guests enjoy unique, delicious and healthier tastes.

Our specialty is the seafood soup, a dish handed down by Vincenzo and prepared by following the “termolese” (from Termoli, Molise) recipe, with tomato, peppers and a mix of fresh seafood, served with croutons of bread from Puglia.

At Bellaria restaurant, in Almenno San Salvatore, you can also have a business lunch and a take-away service

The managers of Bellaria have brought the innovation not only in the cuisine, but also in the services they offer. Ruggiero and Monica take care of all the details, included the take-away service for their customers. All the dishes they cook are refrigerated according the law and then submitted to a process of controlled atmosphere packaging, in order to keep their condition unchanged and to give the customers the possibility to enjoy them in an easier way. The dishes are delivered cold and they only need heating before being eaten.

At Bellaria Restaurant you can have lunch from Monday to Saturday with a seafood based menu for a good price



Price range : € 40,00 / € 55,00 wine not included
Kind of building : Restaurant
Kind of cooking :  Seafood, Meat, Celiac, Gluten free
Specialties :  Seafood
Perfect for : Lunch, Business lunch, Dinner, Couples, Families, Large groups of people, Events / birthdays, Catering / celebrations
Services :  Pets allowed, Access for disabled people, Air conditioning, Private parking, Music, free Wi-fi
Environment characteristics : Welcoming, Familiar atmosphere
Payment methods : Bancomat, American Express, MasterCard, Postepay, Visa



 Raggiungici Via Manzoni 28, 24031 – Almenno San Salvatore (BG)
Chiama +(39) 035 640721
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