The Project

Our aim is to give value to the important gastronomic heritage of our city

Food Emotion is a project born with the aim of giving value to the territory of Bergamo and to its suburbs

The province of our city is full of interesting things to do and to tell, but, most of all, thanks to the recent development of infrastructures that connect it to all Europe, it is everyday more and more visited by much people who want to live new real experiences.

Through Food Emotion and thanks to their important cultural heritage, the restaurants in Bergamo and in its suburbs are transformed into stories to be told, to be lived, but, most of all, to be tasted.

Through our Web-based platform, that collects and spread information, curiosities, news and stories, we have created a real network between many restaurants in Bergamo and in its province. We tell stories and offer culinary experiences in order to stimulate the users and involve them in the valorization of the restaurants and, as a consequence, also of our territory.

Food Emotion can be considered as a reference point for all the people who have a passion for real taste experiences and at the same time it promotes and gives value to the specialties of the Italian restaurants.

This project would not exist without the people’s support. In fact, the real resource of our territory consists of the people who are happy to help us, to collaborate and to create networks with the aim of making foreign people from all over the world know the beauties and the delicious food of Bergamo.


Thanks to all the people who actively contribute to the realization and the distribution of our project.

We give a big hug to all the professionals who take care of the documents, the editing, the organization and the contents design.

A special thanks to our supporters: WebMarketingPlanners, Benedetto Ravasio Foundation and Sacra Domus Hospitalis Foundation who make the project sustainable with their collaboration.

Thanks to the restaurant owners, who enable us to offer the documentation service and to give value to their structures.


Finally, we give the biggest thanks to all the people who participate with great enthusiasm and passion in the valorization and sharing of this project.



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